off to work I go...

 (and then you imagine the seven dwarfs whistling or something... I, however, cannot whistle)

it's all black and white today as I get back to work on a micro-session (a mini-session totally cut short by lightening) I shot for a friend of mine.
because I'm getting back in the game.
You know, the game where you make money.
Seeing as I've racked up more than a few thousand dollars in debt learning how to use my fancy pants camera... maybe I should attempt to use it to pay some of those student loans off. ASAP.

This is G. Not only is she adorable and ridiculously awesome - she totally organized Lena's play area whilst her mother and I chatted it up post-shoot.

So, I shall be volunteering to shoot  more friends' kids until I get a portfolio together, a website up and hopefully a steady string of clients.



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