New Goals:

Develop a morning AND evening "beauty" routine.
Because this:
is not really a good look for anyone. and sometimes I realize it's one o'clock in the afternoon and I haven't brushed my teeth yet. Or eaten anything but a Milky Way Caramel Apple candy (Oh my god, have you tried those? They're AMAZING. And Micah keeps buying them). Probably should set a new dieting goal too. In that I should eat some sort of real food before two p.m. everyday.

And yes. There is a pillow on my bed that doesn't have a proper case on it.
Ignore that. I just washed the sheets like three days ago. And no the bed's not made. There's a baby sleeping in it behind me.

This whole beauty routine thing has been a goal of mine since New Years. Did I do anything about it? No. However, I did buy about 100 bucks worth of make up when Micah came home from his deployment in May. And I NEVER wear it. So I basically spent 100 bucks on my face for about three days. Because I wore make up the first three days he was back and then realized I do NOT care about make up.

But yesterday my undies matched my bra and I felt like a super hero for about two hours.
Who knows, maybe if I put on a bit of blush and mascara and comb my hair with something other than my fingers I'll feel like mother fucking Aphrodite.
Also, I need to tweeze my eyebrows something fierce. They're starting to itch my face. Anybody ever let eyebrows get that bad? No? It's just me then? Ah well.
And this shirt I'm wearing - it's the only shirt I own that I like. The ONLY one.

I really should take some sort of ADD medication. I can't type three sentences without getting side tracked fifteen times. And I type like 80 words a minute.

I'm off to paint my nails.
And Marley's nails.
And maybe scrounge up a pair of tweezers.


  1. i still didn't brush my hair (and sometimes i don't for ALL day long...). same stuff about tshirts as you etc etc...
    i still don't understand why my husband finds me beautiful, i mean, he does love me!!!
    happy day, and let's take care of us, eh!

  2. Yeah it never ceases to amaze me that my husband finds me attractive. But I was never *that* girl who had it all together with make up and styled hair and cute outfits. I was the jeans, black tees, messy hair chick when my husband and I've stayed with the lazy girl style into lazy mom style.
    I'm not trying to become something else - I'm more concerned about self-love at this point.
    And if my husband gets a better mug to look at every morning (or let's face it afternoon by the time I get showered and dressed), well - BONUS POINTS FOR HIM.


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