Catching up on some editing.

Post nap in window light.
So, some days I fancy myself a photographer. But most days, I fear I am just another Mom with a Camera. And I shudder at that thought.
It's not a bad thing to be. But for someone who has spent as much time and money on a photography education... the fact that I'm not disheartening. However! I am trying to make an effort. My goal of photographing something everyday this week went totally forgotten and I will have to work on it for next week. I could say that allergies hindered my ability to do anything above necessary bodily functions, but photography used to be like breathing to me...
Anyway. Above is just a gem from August.


  1. :) Hi Charli, welcome to blog land...
    Thanks for popping by :)

  2. Charli, don't forget to enter My Autumn Blog giveaway :)


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