Not the Average Home School

Trying to dive in to some online homeschool communities (and look around here for some local communities as well). While the punkin head is sleeping, I'll update.
I'm currently trying to find some sort of plan for our first week of homeschool. I want to do it Tuesday and Thursday (well do nature walks those days anyway) and I think we just need to get in the habit of reading some kind of Scripture and poetry everyday... which I suppose is technically a lesson. After much debate I decided to start with the Bible as our holy book simply because that is what I know best. I have a Qur'an but I'm going to have to research scripture to read out of it as I've never actually studied it. I've also got a Book of Mormon with passages highlighted that I really like... but all in due time. I've got plenty of Pagan texts to cover. As for the other religions, I'll have to go online to get texts.
I'm hoping that I can do right by my daughter in this way. I want her to understand my faith (Catholicism) but I really need her to understand other faiths as well. I really need her to grasp the concept of a Universal God... And I feel the best way to do this is through studying the world's religious texts... if only as poetry at first.
To say I'm excited about this journey is an understatement. I know it's going to be rough and long. The people that matter support me, but it seems the voice of the naysayers rings loudest. Why is it always that way? I'm really hoping I can find a community to get involved with. I feel like I'm sort of in an odd gray space because I'm not a secular home schooling mom, but I'm not a traditional Christian home schooling mom either... how many Unitarian Universalist home schoolers are out there??? If they exist, I must find them! Micah has agreed to go with me tomorrow to the local UU church. It's only 15 minutes from the house and I'm kind of excited to go.
Until we get it all figured out, I suppose we'll just have to do a sort of "wing it" program and hope for the best. And hopefully I figure out a good schedule that works for us that I can keep up with. Schedules and I have never really gotten along... at all... ever.
So, we're getting close to day one and I'm pretty excited.


  1. Hi there!

    We used to go to the UU church (we now go to the united church as we had some issues in our old UU congregation and then we moved) ARE NOT ALONE! I kind of consider myself a Christian witch so I don't quite fit in anywhere. We use the Bible as our main text but like you said, we're a little different from other homeschoolers because I (we) don't want to teach that there is only one "way" in the world and I want my children to be able to come to their own understanding and conclusions...

  2. There is a UU homeschoolers yahoo group that is mostly active but I haven't found much more then that but there are people like you! (me) who want to teach many faiths / mythos so are neither secular or religious per se .

    I love the idea of reading from many religious texts and I'm totally stealing it.

    Have you looked into waldorf curriculum? They teach old testament in 3rd Norse in 4th Egypt in ... 5th? And roman/Greek in 6th a few others to. Not just the culture but the religious aspects too .

  3. @Mama Manuscripts, it is so good to hear that someone agrees with me! My husband is agnostic, so I feel like she needs to know that it's perfectly okay to come to her own understandings.
    @barefooted, I just joined the yahoo group - thanks for suggesting it! I have looked into Waldorf and it is actually my 2nd favorite curriculum behind Charlotte Mason (from my understanding the two are quite similar). I went with CM because I felt like I could handle that better. Altho I am sure that as time goes on, we will adapt and change to suit M's needs and hopefully incorporate some Waldorf principles into our education.


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