100 Happy Days

Everyone is looking for the key to happiness these days. I watched some Ted Talk on it and the statistics on just how well books sell when they have the word "happy" or "happiness" in the title is astounding.
I too, would like to be happy. Because I am a human fucking being. And who doesn't want to be happy? So, last Saturday (possibly Sunday) my dearest friend casually mentioned that she was doing this 100 Happy Days Project and I said, I am in bitch.
The gist of the project, for those too lazy to click the link is that you document the happiest moment (or maybe just a happy moment) of your day every day for 100 days. It's supposed to be like a social experiment so they encourage you to use Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. But I like the idea for just yourself as well, and I like checking with with mi compadre, asking her what her happy moment was and sharing mine with hers. Seeing as I just gave up Facebook for the foreseeable future and that's where she's documenting and she doesn't have an instagram and that's where I'm documenting, daily text messages keep us accountable to each other.
It's nice.
So far, I've stuck with it longer than any daily photo project I have ever signed up for.
Because it's about the moment, not the image.

Slide Climbing @ Lettuce Lake Park, Day 1/100 Happy Days project
Last Sunday was the shit. I spent the day with the family after church at Lettuce Lake. And damn that place is beautiful. I calmed myself down after realizing that it is much more crowded on a beautiful Sunday afternoon than it is on a rainy Tuesday morning. I'd never seen more than a handful of cars at the park before, and Sunday it was a full house. I shifted my perspective, lowered my expectations and had an amazing time. Also, Lena is a tenacious little slide climber... not too successful, but tenacious.

Reading this on my patio, dreaming of all the lovely containers we will soon have. Day 2/100 Happy Days Project
 I don't have a green thumb at all. But I have a gorgeous backyard that I don't have to care for. And the beauty of my wild space is thrown into stark relief next to my frankly, ugly patio. I've always wanted a garden and the kids and I have spent every. single. day. outside this week. I'm ready to start small.
Movie Night, the kids are still and quiet. Day 3/100 Happy Days Project
This day was rough. And my kids didn't really make it any easier on me. But I did get them to sit and watch Frozen together. And I ate a box of girl scout cookies and drank vanilla chai tea. And it was glorious.
Screenshot... Windows down, radio blasting. Day 4/100 Happy Days Project
 Ummm... do you guys listen to the Arctic Monkeys? You should. Pulled out of my shrink appointment feeling good, turned on the iTunes and drove around like I was 17.

Faery Garden at USF Botanical Gardens, so awesome. 5/100 Happy Days Project
I love gardens. I beautiful gardens that aren't perfectly manicured that I can roam around in. I love paying only 5 bucks for me and my children to roam around said garden. I just wish it was closer to our house. But I think it's worth the drive every once in a while.

Giggles. Just Giggles all around. 6/100 Happy Days Project
Saturday was a big day for me. I got all dolled up and went out with my husband and friends to celebrate his birthday and the return of a couple of his friends from a deployment and it was sweet! This vegetarian had a delicious meal at Texas de Brazil (their salad bar is NOT fucking around). It was phenomenal and I was happy, too happy to whip out the phone and photograph it. But I also saw this on Instagram and laughed for like twenty minutes just thinking of it. Seriously. Twenty minutes.

Le Fairy Garden on our patio 7/100 Happy Days Project
Finally, our first container in our garden. It is lovely. A bit of English Ivy, a lovely begonia, a few fairy friendly accessories et viola! Le faery jardin prefect! You say it with a French accent even though I'm about 100% positive that's not French at all.  Let's just pretend guys.

It seems as though I got off track somewhere, left out a picture along the way. And you know what? I don't even care. I know I've taken a pic every day and I've counted my blessings at least once every day for the past week.


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