(before the final reveal that is)

So this week, I honestly haven't done too much regarding the kids' room.
I got around to half-way setting up the "crafting area" which M loves.  I couldn't find the hanging file bins that I needed at walmart, so I'm going to have to try Staples (just called to check and they have them in stock - yay!)
It doesn't look like much, I know, but the bins hold crayons, markers, glue and scissors. I know that it is a risk putting marker's in a 3-year-old's reach, but honestly, she's never had a problem before now and they've been in her room for ages. She likes things "just so" and when you're supposed to color on paper - she ONLY colors on paper.
She loves having her artwork hanging up. She's constantly asking to take it down to tweak it just a little bit. Above her work hangs cards from relatives - since we've moved she's gotten quite a few. And she loves "reading" them...constantly.
The art and cards are hanging on a bit of jewelry wire (found for $1 at wally world) that's wrapped around a couple of nails. I originally wanted to hang the work using mini clothes pins, but they wanted 4 bucks for a dozen of them. So, we got mini-binder clips instead. 70 of them for 2 bucks. I'm planning on rigging a similar system for behind my computer.
Here is our purge pile from M's room. The playdoh is actually going in the trash and the books below it are supposed to be on the end table, so the box and the trash bag are the only things going - but that's a lot of toys and clothes for a 3-year-old to allow to walk out of the house. I'm excited for her.
Well, the iron came from the laundry room. But, you get the point.

I'm sick today and hoping to God that this is simply a sore throat and not a full on cold or anything. Still left to finish up in the next few days is Smalls' closet:
There's not too much to do to it. I think I figured out how I want to display/store the tub and drawer of baby blankets - but that will be another trip to the store. Hopefully Target has what I need because I cannot handle another trip to Wal-Mart. I have no idea why that store sucks the life out of me, but it does. And after every trip I vow I'm never going back. Until six months later when I need food, and office supplies, and new socks, and a laundry basket. And I realize that I can get all of those things at 1 place!
Anyway - since my last post M's room has stayed CLEAN. And I am amazed. She actually picks up her toys when she's done playing with them - without prompting from me most of the time! Every type of toy has a drawer and she puts it in the proper place.
I still have to get the labels printed off. Will probably head to Staples for that as well, but I have them made up and can't wait until they're on her drawers! They're not the fanciest, but M will know where to put what at a glance and that's what counts.
So, not much accomplished this week, except waking up this morning with a wicked sore throat and achy-all-over body, but again, we're so close I can taste it. Hopefully Micah will get her chair hung up this weekend and we can be all done with her side of the room (well, minus the bookshelves).


  1. Great job love the color and numbered buckets for the supplies

  2. You described my feelings about Walmart to a T. I hope you feel better soon. The rooms are looking great!

  3. I like the picture hanging wire. I may implement that idea in our school room.


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