My husband, the saint.

So Saturday was supposed to be a day devoted to house projects - put together the shoe cabinet, hang M's chair, organize Smalls' closet, finish M's crafting area,  get the car cleaned out, take stuff to Goodwill...
It was quite a to-do list. After being sick Friday I was a little worried about getting anything done this weekend. But we started the day off right - by sleeping in and enjoying cinnamon rolls and strawberries for breakfast. And I felt just fine. No sign of cold/sore throat/grossness that plagued me all day Friday.
As soon as the breakfast dishes were put away, I took off to Staples to pick up some things and have some things printed off. Staples had everything I needed, there was no traffic in the parking lot, no lines at check-out. Then it was off to Target to pick up a few things for Smalls' closet and some things I had forgotten at my last grocery trip - and hopefully a foot bath. I braced myself for long lines, crowded aisles and the general frustration that comes from shopping in the congested hellhole that is my current town.
There was none of that. And they had everything I  needed, except the foot bath - but that was more of a want than a need anyway.
So, after checking with guest services to make sure that they did not in fact have a nice massaging tub in which I could soak my feet, I headed to the checkout line.
And that's where it all went kind of pear-shaped. I started to feel as though I needed to sit down and enjoy a cup of water. No big deal, happens all the time. After all, pregnant women tend to get overtired easily. Well apparently, I was extremely over tired. By the time it was my turn to check out  (everything on my list under $40?!) I could hear the blood rushing to my head. I had already scoped out the nearest place to sit (Starbucks) and was planning on heading straight there and enjoying my bottle of Aquafina until the crappy feeling passed just as soon as I could pay for all this stuff.
The poor cashier (who looked 15) asked me how I was doing, you know like they're required to I think. I stared at him for what felt like three full minutes and attempted to swipe my debit card. My hand was not functioning. Finally, I just said, "I'm sorry, I'm pregnant and not feeling very well."
And as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I fainted. Clocked my chin on the counter on the way down and came to laid out on the floor. Talk about embarrassing. I could feel blood running down (or up?) my jaw and into my hair although at the time I thought it was water. Water from where? I have no idea. My chin didn't really hurt that bad so I didn't really think it could be bleeding so profusely.
Of course there was a crowd and awkward stares. A really nice man with first aid training was asking me all the typical questions, "do you know where you are; what month is it; who is the president?" sort of thing. And after about two minutes on the floor I really felt fine. Completely mortified but fine.
And 911 was called, and the paramedics came and I really had no choice but to let them strap me down to a silly yellow board, put a neck brace on me and take me to the nearest hospital. I was pregnant after all, had just fainted and had a pretty nasty cut on my chin with no one to pick me up from the store. YAY for being a one car family.
So Saturday went from being the house project day to the wait for hours on end in the ER day. Honestly, I just wanted some stitches and for them to check the fetal heart tones to make sure everything was going strong with Smalls. But you know how hospitals are. Four exhausting hours later I'm still waiting on discharge papers.
Luckily I had a friend who was willing to pick up Micah while her husband stayed at our house with their kids and M.
Anyway, after finding nothing seriously wrong with me they chalked it up to dehydration (most likely because they needed to say something was "wrong"). I thought that weird because they didn't give me any fluids at all while in the ER besides for a cup of water that I asked for. Funnest part was I got stitches for the first time in my life! How does one make it to adulthood without ever being sewn up? I was a careful kid I guess.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I was back to feeling even worse than I did on Friday (with the added luxury of sore teeth, chin, neck and bottom - clearly I hit my tailbone on the way down). Suddenly the fainting spell made sense. I was clearly coming down with something and just didn't realize it.
I was in no shape to do anything and Micah banned me from going to any stores whatsoever. So what does he do? He takes my shopping list (of really non-essential items) and heads to Target, and then Home Depot to pick up some screws for the shoe cabinet and M's chair. Then he goes and details the car, stops at Auto Zone for air freshener, and a few other car essentials, and then back to Home Depot to return some of the screws he bought in the wrong size. By the time he gets home it's about dinner time and I've been sick all day so I just heat up some soup, left over rice and frozen fried chicken that he picked up at Target. Hardly a feast for someone who's been out running from hither and yon all day. Micah eats and then sets straight away at putting together my big, honking, confusing ass Ikea shoe cabinet.
Why? Because he is a saint. So, I did what I could and made him fried oreos for dessert and we cuddled up and watched The Walking Dead. 


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