Glaring Light at the End of the Tunnel!

So, I'm kind of feeling like we've got it done. Almost. There. I honestly think I was just overreacting last night when I felt so incredibly hopeless about the kids' room.
A few hours of work today (maybe 4 or 5 since I wasn't exactly the most focused person) and the room is back to looking like a room.
I promised pictures.
I did not promise quality pictures.
When I finished up this afternoon I went to go take pictures and realized that my camera battery died yesterday at the fair... So I had to let it charge for a while and while I did, it got dark. Therefor, these pictures are all dark and I don't feel like fixing them in photoshop. Call me lazy.
But I put in some hard work today. I'm done working... and looking at the kids' room.
So...You can find the extremely embarrassing before photos here. While this isn't the finish line, I'm so close to it I can taste it. And it is delicious. I think you can agree, we've come a LONG flippin way.

 Overall view of the room. Look how CLEAN it is. M's duvet cover is in the wash. She's hiding in her "castle" - otherwise known as a canopy.
 Smalls' sleeping space. The crib that we want is out of stock but will be back in around April - so I took the measurements off the website and taped off the area where it will go (with a few extra inches just to be safe) so that I make sure to not hang anything where the crib will be. It looks f*ckin' classy. I know. The shoe rack will be gone TOMORROW when Micah sets up this amazing shoe storage solution for me in our "entry way."
 Smalls' closet. Still needs a lot of work. I completely ignored the baby blankets up there, but I did install a little mesh organizer. Not sure if I like it or not.
 The bookshelf, somewhat organized. It was all neatly arranged, but M really likes to move the pictures around to check them out. It needs to be dusted something terrible. Shh. Don't tell my mom.
 My little helper today. That's her new doll Gemma, purchased at Ikea since M has been such a good sport about giving up her toys to make space in her room.
 Where all of my work went today. Micah put this unit together for me and I organized everything until it fit. All of the baskets/bins on the top shelf are her previous storage solutions - completely empty! We'll keep them up there to see if they can be used elsewhere around the house.
 Alternate view of the closet. Those are all the dresses she has left and her jacket. The teddy bear is sitting on her hamper of stuffed animals. The closet door isn't open all the way. Despite what it looks like, it's not too difficult for M to access her furry friends. I am currently hunting for a handy way to label the bins since M doesn't read and I want her to easily find where things go.
 The kitchen/library. I will either be moving that poster up a couple of inches or switching it with the memo board (likely the latter). All of her kitchen toys now fit IN her kitchen. No more bags of dishes and food laying about. The book storage that I really wanted was out of stock as well, so until they can be purchased (or another solution found), I've wrangled excess books into a large basket.
 Open view of the play area. Between the bookshelf and the Barbie vanity there will be a reading "nook" (already purchased, simply waiting on Pops to put it together for me).
The crafting area. The drawer and binder are not permanent fixtures. I will be purchasing a hanging file system to sort the craft supplies in the drawer and display for select completed work in the binder. The binder will then be stored at my desk. The little bins on the desk will also be hung with some command strips. They currently hold crayons, markers, glue and other craft supplies. Also, the Ariel chair belongs at the barbie vanity. There's a little stool under the table for crafting.

So there it is! Super EXCITED to see that light at the end of the tunnel.


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