Ok soo....

Feeling like a domestic goddess these days and it's marvelous.
Granted, my house is a total wreck (excepting M's room) and the dog needs a bath (as do I) but I did the dishes yesterday and set up the "crafting area" of M's room.
One project at a time though. I don't want to get sidetracked at the end because I start in on something else. And trust me, every area of our house is a MAJOR project at this point.

In other news, all of this cleaning and organizing has seriously been helping with my depression. Which is a nice feeling. I still feel overwhelmed and anxious for seemingly no reason at times, but it's been fewer and farther between these past few weeks. I'm not sure if I feel better because I'm organizing or if I'm organizing because I feel better - but either way it does feel nice to feel like a functioning adult again.
I even volunteered to help set up the Care committee at our church on Sunday. I figure I need as much as I can take to get me up and out of bed in the morning. Do you realize how much you can sleep when you're depressed? A. Lot. Especially when you have a kid that is more than content to sit quietly in her room in the mornings without once calling out for you. I suppose the Care Committee will give me things to do, the ability to help others in a very tangible way and hopefully that will help as well.
And I finally  made that appointment with a real shrink.
I always wait until I'm either in deep crisis mode or coming out of a depression to seek help. And usually if I seek it in crisis mode I'll get help for a couple of weeks, go numb and just assume that everything is better - like I did back in October.
So. As my life starts to look up I'll be talking with someone about how to keep it looking up. Someone that will hopefully help me stay on track, someone that I can hopefully trust.
Beyond that, not much is new around here.
I might do some laundry today since I've got M's room mostly done. Hell, I might even do the dishes again. TWO DAYS IN A ROW.


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