Update on Kids' Room

So, the kids' room is slowly coming along. And by slowly, I mean flippin slowly crawling, drudging... I am still just completely overwhelmed by stuff.
We have purged.
And last night we hit up the always wonderful Ikea to purchase some storage solutions for all of the toys we own. And by we I mean The Punkin Head.
The unit has yet to be put together but I have sorted through her toys and attempting to put the things into the bins/drawers for it. And now her room is covered in red, white and green bins along with bits of randomness that doesn't fit.
And I'm ready to give up staring up at the top shelf of her closet where she still has a ton toys.
It is slightly depressing.
HOWEVER! I am going to get the unit put together tomorrow (today was made for the State Fair) and we shall try to see just how much space she really  has in that closet of hers.
And I shall convince her to attempt to purge more toys. Especially the plethora of happy meal/super small/mostly useless toys that have been collected into clear shoe boxes.
After church of course.
Maybe the service will be about giving to others. And M will learn from that.
Sorry no pictures, come back tomorrow for that. 

edit: PICTURES (and a better, more upbeat update. SOOOO PROUD OF MYSELF)


  1. I hear ya about the toys. I really want to see pictures tomorrow. Keep up the good work, at least maybe you can see the light at the end of the tunnel??????

  2. I think thats our problem in our house to, I really want to eliminate half the toys but they tend to play with so many its hard to work out what to get rid of.
    Cant wait to see the pictures

  3. Joan, thankfully my daughter has been pretty willing to let her toys go to a new home. I've found once they're gone, she doesn't really miss them. If she does happen to ask about a toy we've gotten rid of I just remind her that another little kid is playing with it and she has all kinds of other toys.
    And Kim (or Mark) - I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I posted pictures of a clean room.


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