Feeling MUCH better about the new kids' room

Saturday was my big purge day. It was supposed to be Friday, but life happens.
So, Saturday I went through M's clothes and collected an entire garbage bag full of clothes that are in her size and still fit her but are "bottom of the barrel." Mostly clothes she never chooses to wear, tee shirts emblazoned with cheesy slogans or words that I just don't want my 3-year-old associating with herself (DIVA anyone?). Also there were a slew of halter tops that I really just don't like her to wear unless she has something to go over them and let's be honest, in Florida, it's almost always too hot for a jacket all day. We also got rid of duplicate items, clothes that were so similar to something else we owned that it was silly to keep it.
Do you realize how much 3T clothing you can fit in a garbage bag? Also, this kid STILL has 15 or so shirts, 15 skirts/shorts/pants, and at least 10 dresses. But all of her shirts and bottoms fit in her drawers comfortably, so I'm okay with those numbers.
I have put almost all of her toys on the top shelf of her closet and when we buy our awesome toy storage system we'll put them back in her closet. Anything that doesn't fit is finding a new home (at Goodwill).
We've moved Smalls' changing table into the former toy closet and I now must work out a storage solution for all the baby blankets that seem to multiply.
Overall, things seem to be going all right. I'm pretty excited about that.


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