Super Saturday of Thanksgiving

All the things that are right in my life:

1. Smalls is taking a nap on my lap this very second. She's not cranky, crying or upset that her flipping teeth won't just break thru her gums already!
2. The Punkin Head is doing dot-to-dots of her own accord, counting, recognizing numbers on her own. She asks me questions like, "Is six with the circle on top or bottom?" She is learning. Without much help from me today.
3. Yesterday both kids slept until 8:30. No interruptions. And I slept like my husband.
4. Today Lena woke up at six. But quickly went back to sleep in our bed.
5. My to-do list today is totally doable. And I love it.
6. We spent 40 bucks on groceries this week. Granted that was because we spent entirely too much the previous two weeks, but hey - we've had decent dinners every night. And nobody's starving!
7. I feel better. Monday was rough but every day since that day has gotten progressively better.
8. My bathroom is clean.
9. I am loving my Gender Studies 101 independent study. Because you don't have to go back to college to learn. You can do it at home (or the library).
10. Two words: Harry Potter. We're 3/4 of the way through the first book and I'm stoked. I figure we'll read the first three. And then take a break. The fourth book gets a bit too real for a five-year-old I think.

So there it is. Happy thoughts oozing out of my head. I'm going to go put this baby in bed and conquer the world. Or Get My Shit Together.


  1. miss your posts... i hope you're feeling better!


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