Goal Planning Monday - Round 2

Another link up for Goal Planning Monday

Last week's goals went pretty well, all things considering.

1. Find a good area for nature walks. Do two extended morning nature walks this week. Sort of done. Found a great area for nature walks. Did one extended walk. Mine and M's Allergies kept us indoors after Wednesday. Even taking the dog for a walk was a challenge for us both.
2. Read one scripture and one poem every day out loud to Miss M. DONE! Went swimmingly.
3. Be more aware as a parent.
Getting there, slowly but surely.
4. Blog three times. Yep.
5. Photograph every day. Big fat fail. I'm trying to stay inspiring, but last week was pretty crummy in the way of health. Will HAVE to work on it for this week.
6. Stay encouraged and inspired as I start my "home schooling" with Marley. Really know that my ideal preschool and "society's" ideal preschool are not the same thing - thus I cannot be bothered by giving progress reports to people that expect something completely different out of PreK. Done. I was super inspired this week. 

Now for this week's goals: 

1. Two nature walks, one of which explores our 'hood. There's got to be some interesting nature around here, somewhere between the strip clubs and the super mall.
2. PHOTOGRAPH! At week's end have 20 finished images pertaining to our little life here in Florida.
3. Read more literature, less twaddle - both to M and in my own life. 
4. Write everyday. I completely failed at my Camp NaNoWriMo but I'm still sort of inspired to keep at it.
5. Dance in the rain, because I can't remember the last time I did. 
6. Do our first "music" study. I'm feeling Vivaldi.  
7. Give both bathrooms a scrubbing like they've never seen. 


  1. Good luck with your goals. I love that your idea of preschool is not "society's". Have fun exploring with your little one!


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