The birth and first month of L

In pictures.
Taken on the iPod or iPhone. 
Not in chronological order or anything.
Because that would take a lot of effort.
And more energy than I currently have.

The view from the Delivery Suite. Room 13. Lucky 13.
Clearly not in too much pain.
And then you get a baby. Getting measured.
(It jumps like this because I am not one of those crazy bitches who wants graphic Tarantino-esque delivery pictures. Hell, I might have shot my husband in the face if he had pulled a camera out between the hours of 2 and 6 that day)
And baby gets bathed.

When the kid is all clean, they pass her off to Pops. And I try not to cry at the sheer joy I'm feeling.
And you look like hell by the end of the day but you're so fucking happy it doesn't matter. You take the stupid iPod picture anyway.

Pops has no qualms with diaper changes. Even Black Tar Shit ones.

M comes the next day to meet her sister. And the Angels sing a Hallelujah Chorus and you can't believe how beautiful your two girls are together.

And M of course wants snuggles.

This kid is a chunk. Serious business going on in those cheeks.

And Pops is still head-over-heels... watching him with our kids kind of blows my mind.
of course there's plenty of time for silliness at home while L is nursing.

This is The Mobile. Pops made it and glued it all together. Because what little girl's bassinet could be complete without a Death Star?
She's already not interested.

All photos of the first bath include screaming and awfulness.
Note the tear in her eye.
So - we have post-bath adorableness.
First time alone at home with Lu. She dug the Baby K'Tan.

Most amazing swaddle blankets ever.

Talking to Grams. Because Grams is the best.
Bed buddies. We co-sleep. And I dream of a king size bed.

Probably pooping.
Milk Drunk.


She really doesn't dig getting woken up.
And she voices her opinion on the matter with this look.

More post-bath awesomeness in a brand new robe from Grams.

And they say newborns don't smile. What a load of crap.
Seriously. How is this not a smile?
More cheeks and grins.

And Pops dressed her.

More hanging out in the K'Tan. She likes her head to poke out if she's awake.

A month of no work makes for a month without shaving and haircuts. He did break down and shave the beard before the month was up. He said it was itchy. I agreed.

She sleeps. A lot. Just not at night.

M and L make a pretty cute couple.

The kid did inherit my squinty left eye though. I think it's kind of adorable.

I love hanging out with the little punkin head.

And somehow, over night my daughter became a big girl...

And yes, in the mornings our bed becomes the hang-out spot.

I'm in love with this bib someone got us. it says "Little Fox"

Serious portrait.
And a more accurate representation of the people I live with.

And I still catch him looking at both girls like it's the first time he ever saw them.
My baby is gorgeous. Don't try to deny it.

My girls.

Just Arrived.

M's onesie on L... Because Bob Marley is the shit.

Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender... because M is obsessed with that show.

More snuggle time for the sisters.

her hair always seems a little crazy.

I can't help but want to take pictures first thing in the morning almost every morning. I should probably gather them up for a series.

And one month old. The picture that went in her baby calendar.

 And that is that.


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