100 Happy Days Take 2

Honestly folks, I'm killing this project - and my life, pretty much in. fucking. order.

Not that this project is the reason my life is in order. My life is in order because I hit rock bottom a month (or two) ago and was forced to drag myself up by my own hair with the help of my own brutal honesty and a pretty phenomenal therapist.

First rule of life, if you can't admit what kind of shape you're in, you cant fix yourself. True story.

Anyway. In no particular order, and not even necessarily my happy image for the day (because apparently iphoto isn't importing images I shoot in Instagram). So if you're that curious, you can keep up with me on Instagram @photosensitive.

Waiting in the car for Pops to pick up our Five Guys Friday. I look over and Pops and M are dancing, Pops in the Five Guys window, M in the passenger seat.

Sometimes, I get shit done.

this picture just makes me so happy. She picked all these clothes herself. They are all her big sister's.

"look at these fuckin flowers mom!!! loook at them!"

don't be fooled, this kid was in the process of ripping these to shreds
And last but not least, a selfie.
We were celebrating 2 straight weeks of me adulting, like a boss. No serious anxiety or depression issues in that time; I also was on top of my shit.

Granted at this very moment my house is slightly destroyed and I've done nothing to fix it. Yesterday's dishes are still spilling out of my sink, and I just might go get on that. Unfuck my habitat for a bit before bed.

But I feel all right. Not perfect, but all right.


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