This week on a scale of one to ten has been a 9 overall. Setting goals, setting out on my grand adventure, feeling confident in myself and my abilities - hell even working out at least five times...  Marley started dance camp on Monday - which is weird because she's never been in daycare or gone to any kind of camp. She seems to really enjoy it and I know Lena enjoys the mornings with Mom and Pops.
Because fuck yes! My lovely husband is back on swing shifts! That means no early mornings that lead to tired afternoons that lead to grumpy evenings that lead to stupid nightly arguments.
Because in this house, we like to sleep in. We like to start the days off slow with a leisurely cup of coffee. And we like to take 45 minutes to get our feet on the floor after we wake up.
Some might call that lazy, but I call it bliss.

Without further ado, I shall finish writing this little blog post that I started three days ago.
Lena, in the bath with her ridiculously long bangs.
This week Lena demonstrated her mad patty cake skills by doing the motions all by herself without prompting. She is ADORABLE. Also, she said Pops. Once. I think.
Marley in her tutu and mud boots, practicing her dance moves in the rain. She thought the elephant ears made perfect umbrellas.

Marley has taken an interest in the body - as most kindergarteners do I suppose. So yesterday we did a taste test and learned about the nervous system. We have this book from the library and it's pretty awesome.

This year will be the best yet. I'm sure of it.


  1. Love both these photos ... what could be better than a ballerina in gumboots :0)

  2. Lovely girls! We're the same in the mornings; my youngest likes a 10am wake up call if possible. And then another sleep around 11.


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