So I follow the blog Che and Fidel quite regularly. Mostly because I love the beautiful highlight reel that it shows of a family's life in Australia but also a little because I can hear my dad's scoff and admonishment of such a dirty commie name for a child and blog (and holy shit if you ever read this Jodi - I personally love your children's names and think they are wonderful).
But I find that the family at Che and Fidel is enchanting and Jodi does such a lovely job capturing her children and their life.  It just seems so perfect. Days filled with tea and warm knits and yoga. Berry picking and homemade organic foods. Perfectly styled bedrooms and outfits.
And I want MY life to be that beautiful. And I want MY world to be that picturesque. And I want. I want. I want.
But then, oh, wait. It is that beautiful.
I realized that keenly a few months ago when I went back through roughly two years of instagram photos. Two years of my life captured on a silly little app from a silly little iPod and then recently a silly little iPhone. And guys - my highlight reel is amazing. Absolutely AMAZING.
Sure, I'm half crazy and mental disorders spring up every other month and the kids can be shitheads and whine. And there are lean times and small apartments and dog vomit on the floor. There are bruises and bumps. Temper tantrums and nuclear meltdowns. There is a slew of processed food, shiny plastic toys, and a host of inorganic everything. There are plenty of arguments, passive aggressive bullshit and raw nerves.
But my oh my.
The highlights?
They are HIGH.
In that spirit, I'm starting a project - started (inspired?) by Che and Fidel.
It's pretty simple.
A weekly portrait of my children in my 26th year.
Yes folks. I'm putting that fancy camera to use once more (well at least 52 more times).

And without further ado:
L and her smirk, playing with big sister's shaving cream

M covered in shaving cream with a rare genuine smile while the camera is out.

This week I set out to take a portrait of my children at a specific time together. I'm not sure I'll do that every week. I think I'd like to have a more organic capture of life, keeping my camera ready.


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