31 Days: Mind, Body, Spirit

I'm always setting goals.
I rarely follow through on them completely.
I have to admit, the attempt to keep a cleaner house was a success. While my bedroom often stays a mess and things are cluttered and I wouldn't eat off the floor or anything - I'm not embarrassed to have people over any more.
But usually, if I set a goal... I spiral into one of those "why I'll never be an adult" moments. I set a trillion goals (usually at one in the morning) that I will accomplish. Because, psh. Who can't do that shit? All that shit?

But... I realized something yesterday.
You can set stupidly easy goals.
You can set ridiculously attainable goals.
And if you fail - you can just start. the. fuck. over.

I do it all  the time.

The starting over bit. Not really the attainable goals bit. In my mind goals must be lofty and grandiose... or why set them? The attainable things should be things that I just do. You know? Automatically.

Going through my pinterest board of inspirational ideas, I stumbled upon Manic Mrs. Stone's #30daysmindandbody. A pin I pinned god knows when (probably anyone that looks at the pin but ain't nobody got time for that shit).
The gist - give yourself a month to, I don't know. Do something.

So - I'm going to.

31 Days: Mind, Body and Spirit... I added the Spirit because it's probably the most important part.
My goals - there's five:

1. Chemical-free bathing. I was going to say Chemical-free body but I don't have the ingredients for my homemade deodorant or lotion. But I am going back to no-poo because it's easy, cheap and I like the way it makes my hair feel.
2. Read, Photograph OR Meditate everyday. I can do at least one of those three things on a daily basis - that's where the soul part comes in I suppose.
3. Outdoor time three times a week. because I cannot let my depression keep me cooped up in my house. It's not good for these kids of mine.
4. Fitness twice a week. I hate working out. I loathe running. That whole Couch to 5K thing - fuck that. Seriously. But I can probably go on an extended walk or do some light yoga at least twice a week. Something is better than nothing.
5. Line-a-day journaling daily. I got one of those journals last summer and have been neglecting it. It's super easy and I probably won't regret jotting down a note or two about my life on a daily basis. It's not even that complicated. And it'll help me review my day, keep my memory a bit sharper.

So there you have it. Five super attainable goals.
And if I don't meet them, no biggie. But I set them so that I could. There's nothing complicated.
Day one was today and it went off without a hitch. I meditated and did my line-a-day journal entry... exercise, that'll come tomorrow I'm sure.

I'll leave you with this amazing song, also on my inspirational ideas pin board.


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