adventure friday

So. I haven't been using my camera.
It's been neglected, sitting in a corner of my desk while I attempt to get my shit together.
I've been attempting to get my shit together for months.
These past couple of weeks however, it appears, my shit is actually coming together.
Or at least, I'm learning to cope with it.
My mother, last week, demanded that I just get out and start photographing. Something. Anything. Get her some damn pictures of her granddaughter. NOW.
While not a total failure, my first shoot was a bit disappointing.
BUT! Here it is. Only a week late. 2 shots of my kid from Adventure Friday. Where we braved the elements and walked to the post office and then on to the Frozen Yogurt shop half a mile from our house.
It was fun.
And M insisted on dressing in her Belle Dress.
And hey - as long as it's weather appropriate...
I am not a big fan of black and white pictures simply for the sake of them being black and white... but the color cast was off in both of these. 
Hellloooooo big orange couch! 
So. They're not the greatest. Not the best composed. Nor the best edited.
But. I got the fuck out of my house and used my camera.
And now I have two more pictures to put in the "2012>03>Edits" file on my computer.


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