there's a lot of it going 'round my way.
In that, I'm feeling pretty vain.
But, I've found that a good cure for the days when Aunt Flo comes to visit is fixin yourself up all pretty like.
So, yesterday, I let M&M sleep in and I got up and made my way to the hair salon for a morning to myself.
The results:
I never blow dry my hair or do anything to it. Also, I never wear make up. But yesterday, I had my herrr did, picked up some new eyeshadow and liner at wal-greens, but on my brand spankin' new dress (from Goodwill) and went out. With my husband. And daughter. To see The Lion King 3D. But I'll be damned if I didn't feel like a million bucks.

So then last night I get it in my head that I should rag roll my hair, since I've got this great new cut that I like. I'm really not big on heat products (originally it was out of laziness, but now it's because my hair is healthy like WOAH). Plus, I had absolutely nowhere to be since Mikey was going to drive himself to work today, so I figured why not experiment. And so I did. And when I woke up I wished that I had somewhere to be. A few strips of a cut up old towel took my hair from perfectly straight to:

You'll have to forgive the crummy iPod pictures. I honestly did try for a self portrait with the canon but it really wasn't that great. Plus I don't feel bad about not editing these.

On a more family related note, we went for a marvelous walk around "Pap-Paw's Pond" as my 3-year-old has taken to calling the pond behind our apartment. It was really teeming with wildlife this afternoon, two turtles sun bathing, a couple of herons, a family of about 8 ducks, and BUTTERFLIES! We chased butterflies for a good while before settling down to do some good old fashioned tree climbing.


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