Baby names.

Not seriously. I'm pretty sure if we have a girl she'll be little L and and if we have a boy he'll be little R - but I accidentally just opened my stickies on my mac and up popped the lists of boy and girl names that I found and liked throughout this pregnancy.
Seeing as how my darling husband has agreed to the names we've chosen, I know we're in it for the long haul - no matter how much I love the name Elinor... it's not happening for any daughter of my husband's. And Ignatius, even as a middle name has been completely forbidden, even if Smalls is male and born on July 31st (my original due date and St. Ignatius' feast day)...
I'm still kind of hoping that if Smalls is female she's born Sunday since I've had her named picked out for years and Sunday just so happens to be that saint's feast day.
And no, I'm not expressly naming my children after saints... In fact should Smalls be male - he's getting to family names. Sort of. Well, variations of family names anyway - which is something I swore I'd never do. And no. It's not Robert - for family that might be reading this.
So, I think I'm just going to lay to rest all of the names that I absolutely loved that Micah shot down. So long Adelae, Thalia, Amelie, Rowan, Genevieve, Brigit, Tate, Imogene, and Blythe.
And I'm sorry Inigo, Finch, Carlos, Frederic, Ephraim, Sage, Audie, Wilder, Oliver, and Hemingway - I don't think you'll ever be children of mine.

And yes, I realize that I have what most people would consider terrible taste in names.
But I decided a long time ago that it was my responsibility to make my children just as miserable with their names as my parents made me with mine.
Because it builds character.
Or something.
And I really love the names we've picked for our unborn child.
So here's to you L... or R. Any day you wanna show up. Feel free. We're ready for you.
Sort of.
Mostly anyway.
You won't be old enough to eat that bit of plastic laying on the floor for a few months, right? So I don't need to get up and sweep right away, do I?


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