I miss this kid

So, M has headed off to visit family and I am here in Florida, missing the heck out of her. I find myself wanting to point out new birds at the pond or interesting looking sticks as I take Moxie for her walks, but turn around to find that there is not an adorable tow-headed 3-year-old traipsing along behind me. 

 But her absence has allowed me the opportunity to edit some images of her that have been sitting on my computer for a couple of weeks now.

Ah well. I know she's having too much fun with her Grams right now, and I'm truly grateful for the break.

I have no idea why she was looking so concerned.
 Her fashion sense kills me.
 Playing in the Spanish moss.
 She bites her lip like I do.

 Sticks truly are the greatest toy ever invented.
The moss made a pretty good nest to hang out in.


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