Things that Make Me Happy:

Over at Rockstar Diaries - there's a list of things that are currently making Naomi happy. So - I thought, I need to check what's making me happy.

1. My ears apparently have the munchies and almost every kind of music sounds soooooo good. Namely, The White Stripes but also, almost anything.
2. Chant and Be Happy I have no idea why chanting Hare Krishna makes me happy, but it does, and M enjoys singing along with me as I braid her hair or do the dishes. We're calling it religious education for the week.
3. The sheer abundance of life wandering around our little pond. Geckos everywhere, herons of all sizes and colors, a family of ducks, turtles and the butterflies it's a nice time of year!
4. When M tells me that she "just wants to hang out with me" instead of getting out of bed in the morning.
5. Reading The Wizard of Oz to M before naps and bed time and the way she is so excited about it.
6. Home strained Greek yogurt. Because really. Yum.
7. My newly organized bathroom.
8. Inspiring photographic images.

So, there it is a nice happy list.


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