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Ah! So - I just realized that I had a ton of unpublished comments on my blog... I was under the impression that google would let me know (via email) when I had comments to publish, but it didn't. So sorry about that guys. I was not ignoring anyone, promise!
Today was our first day of "school." I know that several home schoolers out there don't call learning school and our day in no way resembled any kind of school I ever attended, but "school" is the only thing I know to call it. It's too late in the evening for me to come up with something cute and clever...
Let's just say that after one visit to Lettuce Lake Park - I have decided that Tampa is really home now! This place was beautiful. In spite (or maybe because) of the torrential rain that plagued us this morning, the park was absolutely majestic. My mosquito repellent worked well and our first official nature walk was a hit!
I will have more tomorrow - I promise! But for now, here's my first independent attempt at a story board.
 This is Marley at the footprint stamp station. She. Loved. It.

The actions that I used to edit this for the coloration come from The Coffee Shop Blog. If you don't know The Coffee Shop blog - where on earth have you been?! Absolutely free actions, story boards, textures and more for Photoshop and (I believe) Lightroom.

Anyway - it's waaaaay past my bed time, but like I said, tomorrow details on our first day and more photos - I promise.


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